Vegetable Silicon Valley Green Scenic Spot-- Welcome to the 21th Shouguang Vegetable Expo

China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Science and Technology Expo (Simply called the Vegetable Expo) is founded in 2000 and has been successfully held for 20 years. More than 30 million people from more than 50 countries and regions and 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions participated in the exhibitions and conferences.

The 21st Vegetable Expo is themed "green, science and technology, the future" and the total area of the main exhibition area is 450,000 square meters, including 165,000 square meters of indoor space. The exhibition consists of 12 exhibition halls, high-quality vegetable variety exhibition area, vegetable museum and square booth. The exhibition adopts the exhibition mode combining booth exhibition, field planting and vegetable cultural landscape, and displays famous high-quality vegetable varieties, advanced cultivation mode and cutting-edge technology. During the exhibition, we will also hold gardening BBS, seminars, series of cultural and exhibition activities.

The 21st Vegetable Expo has nearly 2,000 indoor and outdoor booths, which are divided into three categories: indoor agricultural materials exhibition, indoor agricultural products exhibition and outdoor booths. All booths will be auctioned by bidding.

Exhibition and Sales Items of the Expo

1. The equipment for cultivating vegetables, fruits, flowers, edible fungi, seeds and the special medicines for seeds;

2. New high-efficiency compound fertilizer, bio-bacterial fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer, trace element fertilizer, plant growth regulator, water-retaining agent, nutrient, grass carbon, medium soil, soil additives and production packaging technology, materials as well as applicators;

3. Modern agricultural machinery, equipment and various agricultural facilities, agricultural membrane, new agricultural tools, horticultural instruments, greenhouse materials, water-saving irrigation technology.

4. Vegetables, fruits, edible fungi and other agricultural products, processing products, processing technology, production equipment, packaging technology and materials;

5. All kinds of plant protection products mainly based on biological pesticides and agricultural biological agents, pesticide production / processing / packaging / testing technology and equipment, agricultural equipment, pest control net, pesticide analysis & testing instrument, residual testing instrument technology;

6. Practical technology of standardized production of green, organic vegetables, melons and fruits, advanced cultivation mode of leading high technology such as plant factories;

7. Agricultural products with local features, agricultural by-products, special food, health food and its processing, packaging technology, packaging materials;

8. Other agricultural new technology projects, achievements and products.