Invitation The 19th China (Shouguang) International Vegetable SciTech Fair

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The 19th China (Shouguang) International Vegetable SciTech Fair



To whom it may concern:

   The Organizing Committee of China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Sci-Tech Fair requests the pleasure of your presence at The 19th China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Sci-Tech Fair in the days from April 20 to May 30, 2018 at Shouguang Vegetable Hi-Tech Demonstration Park (Shouguang International Exhibition Center).


The Organizing Committee of China (Shouguang)

International Vegetable Sci-Tech Fair



Organized By:

The Ministry of Agriculture of the People 's Republic of China

The Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

China Council for Promotion of International Trade

The People 's Government of Shandong Province

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

National Standardization Administration Committee

China Agricultural University




Undertaken By:

Department of Agriculture of Shandong Province

Department of Commerce of Shandong Province

Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Shandong Province

China Council for Promotion of International Trade, Shandong Sub-Council

Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Shandong Province

Weifang Municipal People 's Government

The People 's Government of Shouguang City


Co-organized by: Related embassies to China, international organizations, associations and companies.


Promote Development of Green Agriculture and Improve Quality of Vegetables

China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Sci-tech Fair ( vegetable fair in short) is organized in Shouguang Vegetable Hi-Tech Demonstration Park. Since 2000, 18 sessions of the Fair have been organized. Up to now, over 26 million visitors from more than 50 countries and 31 domestic provinces poured to the event, the trade turnover reached 220 billion Yuan. Great impact has been made on agriculture and related industrial sectors for its numerous achievements, now it has become a famous AAAAA state special agricultural exhibition, a demonstration of agricultural scientific achievements and an opportunity of international agricultural cooperation.

Theming with Green、Science、Technology and Future, aiming at serving farmers, focusing on science and technology, specialty, innovation and practice, integrating with vegetable exhibition, plantation and vegetable culture, with the guide of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, the 19th China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Sci-tech Fair will fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and strive to be a high level grand fair of internationalization, specialization and marketization at Shouguang International Exhibition Center. The Exhibition Center occupies 450 thousand square meters of land and 165 thousand squ meters of indoor areas with 12 exhibition halls, model vegetable greenhouses, a vegetable museum and outdoor exhibition areas, for a comprehensive display of new vegetable varieties, technologies and achievements. During the Fair also held will be some exhibitions and activities of China (Shouguang) Water-Saving and Integrated Irrigation and Fertilizer Materials and Equipment Exhibition, 2018 International Agricultural Exhibition, 2018 Window Shading Show, the Sixth Cultural Industries Expo, the fifth China Shouguang International Horticultural Forum, Sino-Dutch Modern Facilities Horticultural International Cooperation Forum, the Ninth China Nong Sheng Culture International Symposium and other high-end agricultural forums etc. In addition, exhibitions in 12 sub-exhibition areas will as well be organized.

In the bright Spring days of April with flowers in blossom, vegetables in green and odor of fruits wafting,  we sincerely welcome you to Shouguang for exhibition、 cooperation、 business discussion and mutual development.


Major Activities

1, April 17 -19, registration

2, April 20 in the morning, Opening Ceremony

3, April 20 - May 30, the Ninth China Agro Saint Cultural Festival

4, April 21 - 30, Investment and trade negotiation, projects signing

5,April 20 - May 30, Agricultural tourism

6, April 20 - 22, the 5th International Facility Gardening Forum

7, April 20-24, 2018 International Excellent Agricultural Products Marketing

8, April 20-26, 2018 China (Shouguang) Technology ,Material and Equipment for Water-Saving and Integrated Irrigation and Fertilizer

9, April 21 - May 30, Modern agricultural practical technology training

10, April 25-27, the 9th International Chinese Agro Saint Culture Symposium

11,April 23, "King of vegetables and melons" selection

12, May 8 -20, the Sixth Cultural Industry Fair

13, May 25 -27, 2018 Shade and Windows Decorations Exhibition

14, May 30, the 19th Vegetable Fair Achievements Announcement




Departments             Telephone/room number

Comprehensive Dept   Tel:0536-5678212   room 508

Exihibition Dept     Tel:0536-5678215   room 509

Design Dept          Tel:0536-5678210   room 515

Propaganda Dept      Tel:0536-5678220   room 517

Financial Dept       Tel:0536-5662767   room 525

Ticket Dept          Tel:0536-5662506   room 303

Cultural Festival Office Tel:0536-5668079 room 307

Vegetable Museum     Tel:0536-5660717   room 206

Reception Office     Tel:0536-5668919   room 209

Logistic Dept        Tel:0536-5678216   room 215

Business Dept        Tel:0536-5678213   room 217

Water Saving Exhibition Office Tel:0536-5679809 room 228

Window Shade Exhibition Office Tel:0536-5679908 room 229

Certificate Issue    Tel:0536-5678213   room 105

Security Dept        Tel:0536-5666110         west office building

Intl Agriculture Products Exhibition Office Tel: 0536-5678925 west office building

Cultural Products Exhibition  Tel:0536-5116798

General Reception Group Tel:0536-2231888


The Exhibition Halls

Hall 1: April 20-May 3, agricultural products and means show. First floor: domestic and foreign agricultural products, production means, handicrafts, calligraphy and painting. Second floor: seed, fertilizer, pesticides and greenhouse machinery. May 8-20, the 6th Cultural Industry Show

Hall 2: April 20-24, 2018 International Excellent Agricultural Products Marketing, May 25 -27, 2018 Shade and Windows Decorations Exhibition.

Hall 3: Desert plants and tropical rainforests.

Hall 4: Hi-tech cultivation of fruit trees from the South and deciduous fruit trees from the north.

Hall 5: Vegetable gallery gardening cultivation.

Hall 6: April 20-26,2018 China (Shouguang) Technology ,Material and Equipment for Water-Saving and Integrated Irrigation and Fertilizer.

Hall 7: Vegetable soilless cultivation planting mode.

Hall 8: Sightseeing spots made of vegetables.

Hall 9: High quality vegetables.

Hall 10: Vegetable cultivation technologies.

Hall 11: Flowers and flower arts.

Hall 12: There are three areas in the park of pot vegetables planted in Holland pattern, succulent plants, tomatoes and cucumbers

Hall 13: Model Greenhouses: Advanced vegetables and fruits plantation, water and fertilizer system.

Hall 14: Vegetable Museum: Historical and vegetables-related cultural relics.

Hall 15: Out door booths: Daily necessities, foods, agricultural equipments and facilities,machines.


Exhibition Contents:

1, Vegetables, fruits, flowers, edible fungus, seeds, seedlings, breeding facilities, special agents;

2, New and high-performance composite fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer, microelement fertilizer, growth regulator, water retention agent, nutrient, grass carbon, soil media, soil additives and packaging technology, materials;

3, Modern agricultural machinery and equipment, agricultural facilities, plastic sheeting, new farm tools, horticultural equipment, greenhouse materials, water-saving irrigation technology and equipment;

4, Vegetables, fruits, edible fungus and other agricultural products and processed products, processing technology, production equipment and packaging technology and materials;

5, Biological pesticides, low toxicity and efficient pesticides, agricultural biological agents based on various types of plant protection products, pesticide production / processing / packaging / testing technology and equipment, insect nets, pesticide analysis tester, residual test equipment technology;

6, Standardized production technology of green and organic vegetables, fruits, cutting-edge techs, such as the industrialized plant;

7, Local agricultural products, agricultural by-products, special food, health food, processing and packaging technology and materials;

8, Other agricultural high-tech projects, achievements and products.




Exhibition Information

1, Opening hours: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Exhibitors should arrive at their booths half an hour before the opening hours and leave the booth after closing.

2, Exhibitor Pass : Exhibitors to the 19th Vegetable Fair should get an Exhibitor Pass by presenting pay receipt, your personal photo or ID to the Certificate Issue Service (room 105, office building)in the days of April 17- 19, 4 passes available for each booth and as well as a vehicle pass, one more booth two more passes.

3, Booth Necessity: Include company fascia, a negotiating table , 2 folding chairs, 5A / 220V power outlet. Electrical appliance over 500W should only be available subject to authorization and pay.

4, Take good care of your belongings, valuable exhibits should be registered with Exhibition Office (room 105) and taken out with permission.

5, Exhibitors should take care of the public facilities, no occupy of  public areas or set up advertising out of your booth unless authorization is given.

6, Keep clean, no spit or litter. Smoking and fire in the pavilion are strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to bring liquids and flammable, explosive and unnecessary tools to the exhibition hall.

7, Cars shall be parked in designated parking lot or area subject to the traffic police.


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